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Hwyl fawr! :)

20 Apr

So we have arrived at the end… I can’t believe looking back over the following weeks after doing 1 blog and 7 comments each weeks, works out about 2,500 words every week so in total I’ve written nearly 25,000 words!! How many modules can you say where you have had to write 25,000 words!! And write and present 4 presentations!! I certainly can’t think of any!! Don’t get me started on how much I’ve read! Ha!

This module has changed my thoughts on blogging as a learning tool! Similar to Becky, when I heard that Jesse wasn’t going to be lecturing us, and we weren’t being given content to learn… I was like OH! But I’ve have certainly learnt so much from this module as a result of my own research and everyone else’s blogs. The topics people have blogged about have been so diverse, looking at my own I’ve gone from the benefit of eating breakfast to promoting mistakes to the effect of uniforms and then I’m reading other peoples blogs on topics I’ve never heard of! Khan academy and Forest schools are something that I had never heard of but have defiantly taken my interest! I have already recommended this module to first and second years!

I would like to thank Jesse, Dan and all my classmates for helping me establish and develop skills. This is possibly one of the first psychology modules where I have felt you actually know the faces of most people in your class, as it was not a traditional set up!

So in conclusion…. I have enjoyed, I have recommended and most importantly I have learnt!!

*** Diolch yn fawr i pawb! Pob lwc i chi gyd yn eich arholidau a’r dyfodol! Hwyl am y tro ***

(For those that can’t speak welsh if you want to know what it means Google translate will help! ☺)